Closing of the 13th age

I'm Blue Dabudidabudai

aka. the latest in bathrobe fashion

As our heroes head towards New Port they encounter an unscheduled storm on the Midland Sea. Frustrated at not being able to reach their destination the party decides to avoid entering the storm and try to go around it only to realize the storm front seems to be following the boat and guiding it towards Drakkenhall. Unwilling to find out if a corgi can be used as a flotation device the group decides to play along for now.

As soon as the party arrives at Drakkenhall they are greeted by a man dressed in blue robes who informs them that their sudden visit was in fact mediated by his benefactors. After some inappropriate behaviour from Reginald the party ends up being guided into an illustrious blue tower and are taken to meet the Blue Dragon herself.

As it turns out the reason for the sudden detour was Sennis who, unbeknownst to the party, had prayed to both Kurtulmak and the Blue Dragon for guidance. The party is then informed that they possess “powers yet unknown” and are instructed to remain in Drakkenhall so that they may be experimented upon. As the party is guided into an inn and are told not to leave Drakkenhall, they start hatching plans to do just that.

Oh and Reginald tries to seduce the Blue Dragon and gets his weapon cursed as a result.



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