Closing of the 13th age

Streets of Shadowport

aka. the Misadventures of a Street Corgi

After successfully playing messenger for the two dragons, the party found out just how difficult booking a trip to Santa Cora is. Eventually they managed to talk a captain into taking them to New Port, figuring they can take the road from there to the former ruins of Santa Cora. Unfortunately the only captain willing to take them also needed to make a pit stop at Shadowport and upon arrival the party was instructed to “get out of the way”.

Shortly after disembarking the ship Baldemar, due to some impressive acrobatics, managed to spot someone wearing a cape quite similar to the one Catrin wears. Finding this odd and wanting to talk to a member of her faith, Catrin prepared to give chase but as the party ducked into an alleyway they were passed by a mob of thieving orphans.

Finding most of their belonging gone the party decided to give chase to these upstart rogues and managed to locate them in a broken down abandoned chapel. Reginald engaged in some street negotiations with the brats and managed to obtain a name and a place form them in exchange to some thievery lessons (much to the charging of Baldemar).

Following these clues the party managed to track the would be mastermind behind the robbery and after some delicate and not so delicate negotiations by Reginald and Catrin, the stolen goods were returned along with an extra cape. Turns out the thief had simply robbed a Raven Scout earlier and had taken to wearing the illustrious cape himself. Annoyed that the actual scouts had moved on weeks ago Catrin, followed by the rest of the group, returned to the ship to prepare for the next leg of the journey.

And so our intrepid band of heroes departs towards New Port, where new adventures await!



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