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  • Kiiyani

    -[[:catrin-rhydderch | Catrin]] seems to whisper to it sometimes. Maybe she's just bonkers?- Turns out Kiiyani is a conduit of some sort and is acting as a scrying device for someone somewhere.

  • Infernatos the Devourer

    A red dragon in love with [[:curesca | Curesca the Unforgiving]]. Thanks to the party he managed to convince [[:curesca | Curesca]] that his feelings were true and their relationship seems to be heading in a good direction. Owns an inn in [[Glitterhaegen …

  • Curesca the Unforgiving

    [[:infernatos | Infernatos the Devourer]] is madly in love with her and, thanks to the party, it seems like Curesca is at least interested in seeing if there is a potential for a relationship. She holds control over large areas of land and owns grand …

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