Closing of the 13th age

Playing Cupid

aka. How to Charm Your Dragon

The party departed towards Glitterhagen after succesfully sealing the emerging hellhole. On the way there they met a group of travelers who invited them to spend the night with them only to attempt to rob the party in the middle of the night. After a quick fight the party subdued the would-be bandits and learned of the disappearance of the gods, something which Baldemar had never heard of during his time in the monastery. This seemed to deeply upset Catrin.

After arriving in Glitterhagen the party encountered an innkeeper who revealed himself to be INFERNATOS THE DEVOURER, a red dragon who is madly in love with a nearby blue dragon, Curesca the Unforgiving.

The party was tasked with delivering gifts to the dragoness and were promised rewards for the delivery. More if they managed to also convince Curesca that the feelings Infernatos had for her were in fact true and not just an attempt to marry into wealth.

The delivery went on without any major hitches thanks to Sennis being able to convince the Kobold minions of Curesca that the party meant no harm. After a brief trial by combat the party was able to deliver the gifts to Curesca and, followed by some awkward reciting of poetry, managed to convince her that Infernatos truly was genuinely in love with her. The party returned with a return gift and recieved more than what was promised from Infernatos, Catrin recieving a very uncomfortable hug from the dragon in the process.

The party retired for the night, hoping to sail towards Santa Cora the next day.



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